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Potable Water Systems for Riparian Communities in Amazonia

Drops of Amazon Necklace Design Arara Azul
Preserving the Guardians of the Rainforest.

Riverine People

Protecting the Amazon

Measured by volume the Amazon River is the largest river in the world. Thousands of families live along the banks of this great river and its tributaries.* These riparian people, or riverine people serve as watchmen over access to the rainforest. They live in remote regions where few travel. Their very presence and connection with law enforcement and the outside world serve as a major deterrent to poachers of various sorts and other illegal exploiters of the Amazon and its riches.

Their main source of living is fishing, family farming, sustainable extractivism and often craftwork.  Their lives are intrinsically connected to nature.  These people have a very strong bond with the river commonly used for drinking water, cooking, washing clothes and bathing.  Also, small boats traversing the river waterways in Amazonia is the only means of transportation riverine families have.  They are known as the ‘Guardians of the Amazon.’ READ MORE:

*The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations reports that remote Amazonian communities support conservation of the Amazon and strengthen management of protected areas.



Thousands of communities spread throughout the remote regions of Amazonia are in great need of fresh, safe drinking water. Many of the communities in jeopardy simply lack available potable water.


“There are many cases of vomiting and diarrhea, especially when the river begins to rise.” *

Carmelita Mota

“Every eight days we have to sail for two hours to get potable water.” *


“This is the water that comes from the river.” *

Raimunda Batista

“A water well will greatly improve our lives!” *

Lindalva Silva

*Translated from Portuguese


Impact Mission

The Drops of Amazon Impact Mission is to help Amazonian riverine communities by installation of deep wells and micro water distribution systems.  We are connecting these very important and strategically located communities with the world’s richest source of pure water, the Greater Amazon Aquifer System (GAAS.)  READ MORE:

The health benefits and improvement in quality of life in communities we help is immeasurable.  Thousands of families have no other options available for safe drinking water.  Preservation of these communities and their vital role in protecting the Amazonian jungle and eco system is the purpose of Drops of Amazon.  IMPACT MISSION:

We are pioneers in Brazil and Amazônia in the worldwide purpose-driven enterprise community.  Drops of Amazon is a for-profit retail sales company with a positive impact mission benefiting communities in the Amazon basin.

By purchasing our products you participate financing construction of Potable Water Systems that directly help communities whose very presence is part of protecting the rainforest.  With your involvement we will continue to succeed, improving thousands of lives.  Thank you.

An exchange of culture - an act of preservation.