Amazonian Aquifer

Relatively few people know about what lies beneath the Amazon basin.

Greater Amazon Aquifer System - GAAS

(Sistema Aquífero Grande Amazônia - SAGA)

The Greater Amazon Aquifer System, or GAAS is the largest sub-terrain body of water in the world known to mankind.  Scientists estimate that this aquifer system contains sufficient water to supply the needs of every person in the entire world for 250 years.

Connecting Riverine People with the Aquifer

Drops of Amazon is connecting communities in Amazonia who have great need to this inexhaustible source of fresh water.  Our first deep well installation is drilled to a 120 meter depth.  The Amazon aquifer can be reached from most locations in the Amazon basin at depths ranging from 120 to 170 meters.

Tremendous Reserve of Pure Water

Scientists estimate that the Amazonian aquifer holds over 160 trillion cubic meters of fresh, mineral-enriched water* representing approximately 80% of the total volume of water in the Amazon basin.

*Water from the aquifer is fresh and actually considered mineral water.  It is safe and healthy for human consumption without treatment.

Alter do Chão

The aquifer was first discovered in the 1950’s in Alter do Chão near Santarém in the State of Pará.*  Alter do Chão has become an international tourist attraction because of its hidden treasures of natural beauty.  It is considered the ‘Caribbean of the Amazon.’

*Aerial photography by Dr. Erik Jennings.

Changing Lives

By building potable water systems with your help, Drops of Amazon is changing the lives of people living in riverside communities along the Amazon River and its tributaries one community at a time, connecting them with an enormous source of fresh water.