Castela Installation

Castela was chosen as our first site because of its desperate need for safe potable water and because of its close proximity to Santarém where Drops of Amazon and its principals are located.  A community locally accessible for the beta micro water system was necessary for numerous reasons.

Castela is located 12 miles from Santarém.  Due to the extremely poor condition of the dirt road leading there it is a long 12 miles.  There are about 55 families living in this remote community mainly on extractivism and family farming.  They face many problems, especially a lack of sanitation and water supply infrastructure.  Also, Castella is in close proximity to a landfill where more than 150 tons of trash per day is deposited contaminating the near surface groundwater in the vicinity.

G1 report on condition of water sources in Castela Community (Portuguese)

Unsafe water in Castela Community

Micro Water Distribution System

The new water distribution network has been constructed and the community is connected to the well water at the school. Drops of Amazon has facilitated construction of a water pickup station at the school where the entire local community can freely go to fetch potable water in quantities only limited by each family’s capacity to transport water.

Community Benefit

Not only is Drops of Amazon providing a much needed resource to the Castela community, but also we have helped form a community association and we have facilitated all of the governmental paperwork associated with the transfer of ownership of the land and permitting for the well.  All assets assembled and constructed in Castela are the permanent property of the Castela Community Association.

Future Installations

Drops of Amazon is initially focussed on remote riverside communities within the State of Pará in the Amazonian region.  Subsequent to the success of our operations in Pará our next phase will extend to other Amazonian states in the country of Brazil.  Our long term objectives do include serving communities in the Amazonian region in other contiguous nations as we propagate fresh water systems throughout this region so vital to the world’s ecology.

Drops of Amazon appreciates Juá Madeiras who donated wood for our solar tower installation at Castela.

Brave kids in Castela establishing a perimeter while we work.