Drops of Amazon’s impact mission is a significant humanitarian effort with direct benefits to the environment in the Amazon jungle.

Drops of Amazon was cofounded by four local Brazilian entrepreneurs who bring a very well rounded skill set and collection of business development experience to this exciting new business model.  The Company is headquartered in the City of Santarém which is located in the State of Pará at the convergence of the Tapajós and Amazon rivers.  Santarém is an Amazonian port to the world situated roughly halfway between two larger Amazonian port cities, Manaus and Belém​.

Drops of Amazon was launched to raise public awareness of the culture of the Amazon and how it is intertwined with the environment of the region and to improve the way of life for remote riparian communities that currently lack access to fresh drinking water.  The mission of providing riverine people fresh water is a significant part of the larger and broader mission of protecting the ecology of the entire Amazon basin.  

The Company’s retail sales are geared toward raising awareness of this situation and to provide a way that anyone who has a heart for the Amazon and its people can participate.

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