Success in Castela!

Deep Well Installation & Community Water Pickup Station

What started as a vision to help remote underserved communities in the Amazon basin has met its initial stage of accomplishment.  Drops of Amazon’s first deep well installation producing water from the aquifer is a success!

Cofounder, Breno Marques testing the water first.

Partnership Effort

Installation of our first deep well water system in Castela was accomplished by the partnership participation of a well drilling company, a geologist assessment team, a local water-system construction company and a solar power installations outfit.  A local landowner contributed the land for the installation situated atop the highest mound-hill in close proximity to Castela proper.

Drops of Amazon: Our Partners

The well is 120 meters deep reaching the mineral rich waters of the Greater Amazon Aquifer System (GAAS.)  When in full operation the micro water system will provide the Castela community approximately 8000 gallons of fresh water per day.  Even though the Castela community does have electricity, the new well is off-grid running on solar power, completely detached from the municipal electrical system.  Potable Water Systems that Drops of Amazon is facilitating are self-contained and sustainable.  Castela Installation