Potable Water Systems

Drops of Amazon is connecting Amazonian riparian families who suffer from lack of potable water with the richest and most vast source of fresh water known to mankind.

Our initial focus is installation of deep wells* and creating adequate distribution networks of safe water for riverside communities in rural Amazonia.  This first phase of our mission is desperately needed to reduce incidences of disease and increase the Human Development Index in small, rural communities in the region.

*Drops of Amazon is buidling deep well micro water systems that access the Greater Amazon Aquifer System (GAAS) and distribute water to families in desperate need.

Our goal is to serve on average 50 families in a given community who will benefit from a sustainable safe water system.  Because of the remoteness of the riverine communities that lack safe potable water the costs to install deep wells is much higher than normal.  The cost of building a remotely located water supply system in the Amazon is approximately $75,000US including the solar power component.

Drops of Amazon is integrating solar power solutions to run potable water systems in communities we help, whether electricity is available, limited or unavailable.  The micro water systems we are building are designed to operate completely disconnected from municipal power systems in a sustainable and eco-friendly capacity ongoing.

A typical small community micro water system will have a robust feed to the school and a public water pickup station where families can freely go to fetch potable water.  Also Drops of Amazon will establish direct-to-home plumbing to families within reach of gravity fed water distribution systems we facilitate.

The Future of the Amazon

It is Drops of Amazon’s longterm goal to propagate sustainable fresh water solutions throughout the entire region.  Because many remote riparian communities are so small in numbers that it is not economically practical to install a deep well, we will pioneer other fresh water solutions including various forms of filtration and waterborne fresh-water distribution techniques and solutions.

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